Student Clarinet – Stapleton


NEW Bb Clarinet

We offer a NO-RISK rental program where 100% of your rental payment goes toward the purchase of your instrument.

NO-RISK means:
– No obligation to buy: You can return your instrument at any time and we will close your account.

– Flexibility: You can switch instruments and keep your equity, or use your equity to buy an intermediate or professional level instrument.

– You’re Covered: All necessary repairs are covered and fixed on-site. A replacement (loaner) instrument will be issued if we can’t fix it within 24 hours.

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Apprentice Bb Clarinet

– Post-Cure Heat Treated Resin Body
– Silver Plated Key Work
– Boehm (French) 17 Keys
– Standard Tone Holes
– Secure-Lock Adjustable Thumb Rest
– B.A.C. Pro-Line Series Deluxe Case

Throughout history, when striving for the title, “Master Craftsman,” one would begin their journey through an apprenticeship to learn and hone the needed skills of their craft.

Apprentice Series:

B.A.C. moved forward on an opportunity to develop instruments for young musicians to assist them along their musical journey. The Apprentice Series line of instruments was an exciting project, and has continued achieving energetic endorsement from musicians and music educators around the U.S. since its inception in 2012. Mike Corrigan and his staff were inspired during their involvement with the recovery effort in New Orleans, Louisiana following Hurricane Katrina. B.A.C. donated time and labor to service over a thousand “storm horns.” As we serviced these horns, we encountered many hundreds of NEW inexpensive instruments that were being donated to schools and individuals. While we had great respect for the intentions of the contributors, the questionable quality of instruments we were seeing became a genuine concern. B.A.C. stepped in by designing a line of durable instruments without compromising a limited budget. While produced to our specifications overseas, to ensure quality each instrument receives inspection, adjustments and play-testing at our facility in Kansas City by our staff of skilled craftsmen.
With our roots as a well-respected repair business, we also understand the importance of having OEM replacement parts readily available. We are proud of and stand by the quality of our Apprentice Series wind instruments.